The Energy Audience from Energy Live 2012

ELN’s Geoff Curran presents The Energy Audience from Energy Live 2012 with the help of GSH UK’s Alex MacGregor. Alex answers pressing questions from energy users such as once you’ve picked all the “low-hanging fruit” of energy efficiency, where do you turn next? If you’ve already put the gizmos in your offices and lab buildings, […]

Could marine energy power your firm?

ELN’s Sumit Bose asks if marine power could be the future supply for homes and businesses. Find out the answer at EnergyLive2012 this November.

How do you make energy managing less boring?

Energy might not always be the liveliest of sectors, particularly when you hear the same information day in, day out. When every seminar and conference starts to sound the same, it can be hard to think outside the box, to motivate yourself to find a better energy deal or find a new energy management strategy. […]