Tony Ward: Economic recovery could lead to energy capacity crunch

The UK could draw near to a crunch in energy capacity if it has a strong economic recovery, according to the Head of Power and Utilities at EY. In an interview with ELN, Tony Ward said there is a pressing need for the nation to build more infrastructure in order to meet the increasing energy […]

Robert Llewellyn at EL2013 – Warning: Offensive language

Actor, comedian, presenter and EV enthusiast Robert Llewellyn speaks his mind on electric cars and the energy sector at Energy Live 2013.

Energy Live 2013 highlights

Vicky Ellis takes you through the day at Energy Live 2013 including all the headline speaker sessions and views from some of the 450 who attended.

Going off-grid? Changing policy means firms are "running to stand still"

Changing government policy and regulation is the biggest challenge for business looking to go ‘off the grid’ by generating their own power, according to the Head of Energy Management at Scottish Water. Speaking at Energy Live 2013, Rob Crusher said: “You’re almost running to stand still and keep abreast of what’s happening next.” He told the ‘off […]

Government should ‘anchor’ district heating

The Government should help kick start district heating projects by providing ‘anchor loads.’ That’s according to Sara Vaughan, Director of Strategy and Regulation for E.ON, who was speaking at the Energy Live 2013 conference. She said that investors needed “the sort of anchor load that enables you to take the heat and know you’re going […]

"It’s a different world now"

Never mind 1970s energy policy – back then “it was a different world,” according to EY’s Tony Ward. He was responding to Nigel Lawson’s suggestion Britain should return to the same energy policy as when he was energy secretary three decades ago. In an interview with ELN ahead of the Energy Live 2013 conference, Lord […]

Britain should ‘import less coal while we still use it so much’

Britain should import less coal and make better use of our “national treasure” according to Kevin McCullough (pictured, right), Chief Executive of UK Coal. Mr McCullough said: “We rely on 40% of electricity generated from coal today yet indigenous supplies of coal amount to about 5% or 6%. We import a hell of a lot […]

Using less energy is a ‘great insurance policy’

Cutting down on energy consumption is a “great insurance policy” for businesses, according to Stuart Thorogood (pictured), Managing Director of Schneider Electric in the UK & Ireland. He said efficiency is a great way to reduce energy use and that businesses need to be aware of how much energy they’re using and the costs involved. […]

Piers Clark: We've been paying too little for energy in the past

The commercial director at Thames Water believes Britain has been paying “too little” for energy in the past. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2013 conference, Piers Clark (pictured) said energy prices won’t be coming down as the nation have yet to pay the “full cost”. He said: “I think energy prices are only […]

‘Lack of control in UK’s energy supply led to price rises’

The UK’s dependence on energy imports and “lack of control” in supply are the reasons behind the rising energy prices in the nation. That’s the view of Matt Smith (pictured), author of The Daily Distillation at Schneider Electric and one of the panel members at the Energy Live 2013 conference. He told ELN: “Energy security […]