Energy investment unaffected by election

The election result will “not make a material difference” to larger infrastructure-type investments, according to EY. Tony Ward, Head of Power & Utilities at EY, said: “It’s far less influenced by who happens to be in government at the time. “Many of the big investment decisions we’ve been seeing in the last few years, I […]

Small businesses want transparency from Tories

Small business owners expect the Tory government to make sure the energy sector treats them fairly. Allen Creedy, Energy spokesperson at the Federation of Small Businesses said it’s already hard for small businesses to get a fair deal and “the Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA) has evidence to support this”. But the FSB is encouraged […]

Tory win means stability for energy sector

The energy sector will remain stable after today’s Conservative party victory in the General Election. That’s the view of Markets and Innovation Director for npower, Wayne Mitchell who said the surprise majority victory by David Cameron has eased worries. He said: “There are three areas of stability which a hung parliament would have questioned, we […]

Labour pledges new energy watchdog

Ed Miliband says he’ll create a new watchdog to get tough on power companies. Speaking today in Manchester he outlined Labour’s manifesto, which included a pledge to get rid of Ofgem and replace it with a new regulator which would strip energy companies of their licenses if they harmed the interests of consumers. He also […]