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Our dashboard managed white label SMART EV Charging SaaS suite means that for a onetime fee at the charger point of sale, manufacturers can focus on their charger HW & Firmware, to lower their product cost and significantly increase margins.

Founder of uSwitch, along with tech investors and clean energy funds, invests in Electric Miles

Electric Miles, an intelligent ‘Internet of Energy’ platform, provides electric vehicle drivers with a smart charging service, enabling them to charge their vehicles with cheaper and greener energy whilst also providing a demand flexibility service to the grid.

New partnership eyes 100k EV smart charge points

Electric Miles and Project EV have partnered to help drivers charge their vehicles at the cheapest cost

New partnership promises to help EV fleet operators reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions more quickly

Two leading innovators in the energy world are joining forces to develop radical new products to help operators of Electric Vehicle (EV) fleets cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints.

Electric Miles helps develop smart grid for system operators and energy suppliers

UK Power Networks has chosen Electric Miles to help deliver its smart grid that will increase the resilience of the network