And now for some very grave news… a Tesla hearse to die for

If you thought other electric cars sounded great, this one is simply heavenly

Electric vehicle charging
‘More companies than ever are switching to EVs’

That’s the verdict from the Climate Group, which is working to aid the transition to low carbon transport

Price of EVs ‘is a challenge but councils must encourage adoption’

That’s the verdict from Southwark Council’s Richard Livingstone, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport Management and Air Quality

Porsche Taycan
Porsche’s first EV to come with three years of free charging

The 600-horsepower, four-door Taycan is due to launch later this year

Electric car charging to hit your street

Connected Kerb says residential EV infrastructure is vital to unlocking the full potential of low carbon transport

Nearly half of Brits ‘would consider buying an EV’

Reduced cost, range improvement and increased number of charging points would encourage the switch

EV driving
E.ON invests in Finnish EV platform provider

The energy firm has bought a joint majority stake in Virta, a supplier of IT systems for charging electric cars

EV parking bay
Clever and E.ON plug in to roll out EV charging across Scandinavia

The firms aim to connect cities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with a total of 48 ultra-fast charging sites

VW puts its foot down to take EV charging mobile

The automotive firm plans to deploy flexible fast chargers on a trial basis early this year

Government-funded residential EV charging points to go smart from July 2019

These chargers will have to be capable of being remotely accessed, as well as able to receive, interpret and react to signals sent to them