Triumph wheels in motion for future electric motorcycles

It is working with industry experts and academics for battery-powered solutions

Overhead electric lines help emissions reductions keep on truckin’

Siemens’ eHighway technology has been put into action on a 6.2-mile stretch of the autobahn in Germany

Maid of the Mist
Maid of the Mist boats at Niagara Falls go electric

Two new emissions-free vessels are to replace existing diesel-powered boats later this year

RAC unveils mobile kit to give stranded EVs a spark of life

The van-based equipment can provide enough power to get an out-of-battery EV safely to a nearby charging point

World’s first electric free-fall lifeboat lands with a splash

Free-fall lifeboats are launched from oil rigs or tanker ships and have to be able to withstand heavy forces on impact with the water

Fastned fast charging station
Fastned opens its first fast-charging station in UK

The EV infrastructure company says the new solar-powered facility has a charging capacity of up to 350kW

Marston’s pub restaurants get 100% clean EV chargers in new deal

Octopus Electric Vehicles, Octopus Energy and Engenie have joined forces to deploy the low carbon vehicle infrastructure

Phone on fire
Can wonder material graphene extinguish explosive battery fires?

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering suggest it can

EV charging
New partnership aims to speed up EV adoption

Smarter Grid Solutions and SP Energy Networks have teamed up to find better ways to charge electric vehicles

Mugen Shinden Hachi
Mugen unveils latest electric superbike for Isle of Man TT

The Shinden Hachi features a redeveloped electric drivetrain to provide more power and a range of aerodynamic improvements