National Grid readies 10GW capacity for ‘shovel-ready’ renewable projects

National Grid Electricity Distribution has unveiled a 10GW distribution capacity for fresh renewable energy projects spanning the Midlands, South Wales and the South West

Ofgem confirms RIIO-ED2 price control

The next electricity distribution price control will start on April 2023 and run to March 2028

Fuel poverty in Shetland to hit 96% of the population

Officials have said people living in the Shetland Islands must earn a salary of £104,000 to avoid fuel poverty

Households paid £280m bill for string of energy firm collapses

Suppliers which took on customers of failed companies allegedly sent claims totalling this amount to UK Power Networks

Britain smashes another flexibility record

A 31% increase in the tendered distribution network flexibility has been recorded in the last 12 months, according to the Energy Networks Association

Could renewables restart Britain’s grid in the event of a power outage?

A live trial in Scotland has demonstrated how hydro generators could be used to fire up Britain’s electricity grid

Bangladesh to modernise power grid with $500m World Bank fund

The project, which will also support the sustainable transformation of its electricity system, will deliver improved power services to around 40m people in Dhaka and Mymensingh Division

SSEN increases Storm Arwen compensation payments

Customers can receive up to an additional £210 depending on how long they stayed without power

National Grid strikes £7.8bn deal to take over Western Power Distribution

The firm also unveiled plans to start the process of selling of a majority stake in National Grid Gas later this year

US utilities spending $51bn a year on upgrading distribution networks

Investment in customer meters has also more than doubled over the past decade as companies have upgraded them to smart meters