UK needs Scotland ‘to keep lights on and energy bills down’

The rest of the UK needs Scotland to help keep the lights on and energy bills down, a new report claims. The Scottish Government has attacked Westminster’s energy policy, claiming the uncertainty caused by successive governments to properly prioritise security of supply has led to a much reduced electricity margin which could lead to higher […]

Energy demand and supply margins ‘tighter than ever’

Today the National Grid warned the difference between energy demand and supply is “tighter” than it has ever been. Speaking at a press conference this morning, the power grid operator’s Market Operations Director Chris Train said the UK’s electricity margin – which is the difference between peak demand and the available supply – is predicted […]

Danger of shrinking electricity margin warns ScottishPower

The country is in danger of a squeeze on its electricity margin of 3% which is a “real issue” for our energy supply, the Chief Corporate Officer of ScottishPower warned today. This margin is the difference between our peak electricity demand and how much spare power generation we have to cover this peak demand. Speaking […]