Pivot Power unveils 100MW of new batteries to speed up EV expansion

Oxford and Kent will host the energy storage facilities that will provide essential capacity for EV charging by the end of 2020

E.ON to develop power storage system for homes

E.ON is to develop an electricity storage system for householders in Germany. It has partnered with SOLARWATT to develop the project which is expected to help consumers reduce energy costs. The electricity generated from rooftop solar panels in customers’ homes will be stored in the device. Householders will be able to control their energy production and […]

Storage ‘fundamental to electricity system’

Electricity storage is a central part of the electricity system. That’s according to Anthony Price, Director at Swanbarton and the Electricity Storage Network who spoke at an energy storage conference run by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) this week. He told ELN: “It’s so fundamental, its development has really gone hand-in-hand in the development […]

Exclusive: Energy storage subsidy to be announced in Autumn

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is introducing a subsidy for energy storage in the Autumn, ELN can reveal. According to a DECC official, the Government wants to create a market mechanism to help firms become more competitive. Energy storage is seen by some as the energy sector’s ‘holy grail’ for the role it […]