UK ‘will have to move towards fixed-based power connection charge’

Paul Massara, CEO of Electron says decentralised energy generation is expected to increase, with consumers producing their own power and storing them

TEPCO invests in UK energy blockchain

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) has invested in a UK-based blockchain. Electron’s blockchain technology aims to establish more efficient, flexible, and reliable systems for the energy sector. Working with TEPCO, the company will explore the potential to change existing centralised structures to decentralised systems in energy transactions by using blockchain. Paul Ellis, CEO of […]

UK firm bags £640,000 for blockchain platform

A London-based firm has been granted nearly £640,000 by the UK Government to show how blockchain technology could help balance the electricity grid. The funding will allow Electron to scale and integrate a blockchain trading platform that allows power consumers to be paid to adjust their energy use to balance supply and demand. Unlike traditional […]