ASDA price – supermarket pens energy data deal

Supermarket ASDA signed a five-year deal to use energy managing software at more than 660 sites today. The renewed contract with smart firm Elster EnergyICT covers at least 10,000 meters across the UK. Louise Hall, ASDA’s Energy Manager said the energy monitoring system, called EnactoTM 9.3, helped deliver “tangible energy and cost savings”. It is a cloud-hosted platform which […]

“Surprising” number of businesses unaware of energy use

A “surprising” number of businesses know little about how much energy they use, a senior business chief at international metering firm Elster has told ELN. Frank Hyldmar, Elster’s Executive Vice President for Electricity International (pictured) said this is despite the potential for firms to make “double digit savings” when they pay attention to their energy […]

E.ON chooses partner for smart meter roll out

Big Six firm E.ON has selected control and monitoring company Elster to partner with for the first phase of its smart metering rollout. E.ON will install up to 100,000 Elster smart meters in residential properties by the end of 2012, with up to 200,000 more being installed in 2013 in a two-year contract. E.ON has […]