Irish flag
Ireland announces climate emergency

The move follows in the UK’s footsteps after it became the first nation to officially recognise the scale of the crisis at the start of the month

UK ‘must shift focus of aid strategy towards climate change’

A new report from the International Development Committee suggests climate change needs to be tackled to solve issues such as poverty, conflict, disease and starvation

Climate change
UK Government should be put on ‘war footing’ against climate change

The Institute for Public Policy Research has launched the Environmental Justice Commission to tackle global warming

Extinction Rebellion
Rebellion forms to face ‘climate emergency and ecosystem collapse’

The Extinction Rebellion group started widespread protests through London yesterday to block traffic and call on the government to do more about global warming

EU takes Romania to court over gas supply rules

The European Commission is referring Romania to the EU Court of Justice for failing to adopt an emergency plan in case of gas supply disruptions. The Security of Gas Supply Regulation aims to ensure countries in the EU are well prepared to deal with possible supply disturbance. The COmmission said Member States had to adopt […]