Carbon compensation for Norwegian firms

The Norwegian Government has announced a $90 million (£55.9 million) scheme to keep its energy-intensive users in the country. Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference yesterday that the energy-intensive manufacturing industry would be compensated for higher electricity prices. He said: “The purpose is to prevent Norwegian manufacturing industry from moving their enterprises […]

UK could raise carbon emission target to 30%, says Climate Change Minister

The UK is in a good position to raise its carbon emission target to 30% by 2020, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker told the BBC this morning. But the UK should do so only if the rest of Europe follows, he added. The Minister is set to try and convince other EU countries next week […]

Energy firms call for 2030 pathway

Three leading European energy utilities have called on the European Commission to create an energy plan which includes binding carbon reduction targets for 2030. Dutch Eneco, Danish Dong Energy and British SSE have called for a Second ‘Climate and Energy Package’, to help power companies bridge the gap between 2020 and 2050. The EU Low […]

New Zealand celebrate emissions reductions

The New Zealand government has announced huge reductions in emissions after their first annual report of their Emissions Trading Scheme was released. The report also showed that the scheme is also driving new investment in forestry and renewable electricity. New Zealand’s Climate Change Minister Nick Smith said the scheme had made big, green savings: “We […]

PM congratulates Aussie carbon goals

Prime Minister David Cameron has written a letter to Australian premier Julia Gillard praising her efforts for introducing a carbon tax. The news comes as Australia’s neighbour, New Zealand, announced successful results of its Emission Trading Scheme. Mr Cameron wrote in the letter: “Securing international progress on climate change depends on making changes at home. […]

Australia shelves emissions trading scheme

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has shelved the country’s Emissions Trading Scheme until 2013. The ETS is a cap and trade scheme under which the government would calculate the total amount of pollution that could be emitted by businesses each year. Each business would then be given a permit with a fixed amount of emissions. […]