Energy leaders unite to advance equality and inclusivity

Ofgem, Energy UK and the Energy Networks Association have committed to boosting equality, diversity and inclusion efforts

‘Green projects that could power 150m homes face huge delays’

This is because the grid is not ready to connect them, new research suggests

‘Wind farms approved during Gordon Brown’s reign set to spin up today’

The government has conceded current grid connection times are unacceptable

Protect powerlines during Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember – the pylons and embers

Energy industry responds to UK’s first ever red extreme heat warning

UK’s network infrastructure is designed for extreme temperatures, according to the Energy Networks Association

ENA launches new tool to measure networks’ flexibility

It will provide a benchmark for DNOs looking to grow flexibility

World-leading ENA programme marks five years of industry collaboration

To mark five years of developing the smart grid, today ENA has launched a new online hub which sets out the milestones achieved to date – and this is only the beginning of the revolution

Storm Eunice: Engineers continue to fix damage to power network

While thousands of customers have been reconnected, the newly-named Storm Franklin is making conditions challenging for engineers

UK energy networks’ strong ambitions for 2022

Led by ENA, the networks are looking to work more collaboratively to improve flexibility and push for decarbonisation

ENA looks to collaborate more towards flexibility

It is aiming to deliver key actions from the government’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan’, involving stakeholders more in the shaping process