Black and whites go green

Newcastle United Football Club has installed a combined heat and power (CHP) system at its stadium. The 185kWh plant at St James’s Park is expected to cut 390 tonnes of carbon emissions every year – equivalent to removing 130 cars from the road. Developer ENER-G claims the 12-year agreement is funded via a metered energy […]

ENER-G publishes free guide to small scale Combined Heat and Power

ENER-G has published a detailed new ‘Essential Guide to Small Scale Combined Heat and Power’, which is available free to download. The 20-page manual covers all aspects of selecting, designing and financing a CHP scheme – from applications and fuel options – through to economic modelling and financing – and integrating the technology into buildings. […]

Seek a business partner in an energy broker, firms advised

Getting prices from lots of different brokers is a “poor way” of going around to find a good energy deal in the market. That’s according to Mark Alston, Director at ENER-G Procurement, who also believes a lot of the time businesses “jump straight to a price discussion”. He suggests firms should regard it as a […]

Buy energy ‘little and often’ rather than fixed long term

Buying a fixed-price energy contract once a year or every two years could be a lot more risky than going into a flexible contract and buying “little and often” as price opportunities arise throughout the term. That’s the view of Mark Alston, Director at ENER-G Procurement, who believes a lot of buyers “don’t seriously consider” […]

Guest Blog: Nick Linklater – Hidden secrets lurk in business energy bills

Energy billing for businesses can be a bit of a maze – with enough twists and turns to hide some nasty surprises. Potentially serious problems can occur because of complex energy settlement and billing systems. This includes energy suppliers overcharging and then ‘back-billing’, sometimes six years after the event. That’s why checking your business’ energy bills […]

Businesses advised to ‘act now’ in renewing energy contracts

UK businesses are being urged not to delay in renewing their energy contracts as they could face being switched to expensive ‘rollover’ tariffs. Mark Alston, Director of ENER-G Procurement is advising companies to “act now” – despite the traditional April contract renewals – in order to avoid being hit by heftier energy bills. He says: […]

‘Coherent’ energy procurement strategy crucial for CHP benefits

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an “effective answer” to lower energy costs but savings could be lost without a “coherent” energy procurement strategy. That’s according to ENER-G Procurement, which has published a free guide to aligning energy purchasing and CHP strategies and will be offering advice at Energy Live 2013. Director Mark Alston said: […]

Hidden energy bill risks of CHP

Ever more businesses across the UK are plumping for Combined Heat and Power – but firms should be wary of hidden energy bill risks. ELN’s Vicky Ellis reports on how to avoid falling foul of tricky contract clauses.

Fife Council to save £1.2m from waste-to-energy initiative

A council in the Scottish Lowlands expects to save around £1.2 million by turning its food and garden waste into energy. Fife Council has chosen ENER-G to supply a high efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) system for its new anaerobic digestion facility (pictured) at its Lochhead landfill site in Dunfermline. The plant, which is […]

Ofgem could close ‘protection gap’ for UK businesses

Greater powers for Ofgem to help businesses from brokers who mis-sell energy could help close the “protection gap” on energy issues in the industry. That’s the view of a consumer group who welcomed the energy regulator’s call for the Government to give it more powers to take direct action against “rogue” brokers. Ofgem said it […]