UK generation mix moves increasingly toward renewables

Power generation from low carbon sources secured more than 60% share of the UK’s total energy mix

‘Energy bills to top £3,000 this winter’

Skyrocketing gas prices could add as much as £2,000 to average household energy bills, new analysis finds

Government’s heat pump grant scheme opens

Homeowners can now apply for grants of £5,000 to replace their old gas boilers with heat pumps

Third of Brits keen to install heat pumps to ditch Russian gas

Nearly 49% of the UK’s ‘heat pump ready’ homes are interested in getting one, according to new research

CCC: New oil and gas is not the best protection against high prices

The CCC advocates a “tighter limit” on oil and gas production

Could Nord Stream 2 freeze bring more UK energy bill rises?

Analysts suggest the latest developments could make the gas crisis last for years

Leaky homes in ‘marginal constituencies’ to be hit harder by energy crisis

Houses in the North and the Midlands of England make up nearly 55% of all homes in fuel poverty, according to a new study

Government unlocks £179m energy efficiency package for social homes

Nearly 20,000 social homes will receive upgrades, including heat pumps, solar panels and insulation measures

New price cap: ‘Inevitable’ change or ‘catastrophe’?

Industry has responded to the new price announced earlier by the energy regulator

Companies’ ‘profiteering’ and Russia are to blame for high bills, Brits say

Just 13% of the public believe that green levies should be removed to provide support to struggling households, a new survey finds