Taking no ESOS action ‘is worst thing firms can do’

The worst thing businesses can do is take no action when it comes to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at energy consultancy BIU said “some action is needed” to show the Environment Agency they’re “taking steps and actively seeking somebody to prepare and report for them”. Under ESOS, large businesses […]

ESOS submission extended until January 2016

The Environment Agency has announced it won’t be taking any enforcement action for late notification of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) until the end of January next year. While the initial deadline – 5th December – set in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive cannot be amended, regulators are able to “waive or modify” enforcement […]

‘Time has run out for ESOS compliance’

Businesses that haven’t started their energy audits will “most certainly” miss the deadline which means they could end up paying thousands in fines. That’s the view of energy consultancy Inenco, which said it is not taking on any new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance orders ahead of the 5th December deadline as “time has […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – ESOS – Altering the balance of lower energy prices?

Do lower energy and fuel prices make you use more of the commodities concerned? What behaviours are likely to result and what will help remedy the situation? How does regulation like ESOS factor into this? Some lessons from transport I’ve returned to the UK from the US West Coast and Canada having observed the impact […]

Firms ‘must make an effort for possible leniency on ESOS fines’

There could be leniency around fines for those businesses that show they have made an effort under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). That’s the view of Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at BIU. She said although the government has yet to publish the full guidance on what will happen if firms don’t get their energy […]

RBS banks on Utilitywise for energy savings advice

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will be working with a consultant to offer energy efficiency advice to its customers. Under RBS Mentor, it currently provides business customers support with environmental law, health and safety and environmental management but is extending it into energy management. It will work with Utilitywise for three years in a […]

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – Are we heading towards the ESOS crunch point?

A recent survey by Inenco has shown three quarters of businesses have yet to begin their ESOS audits and the ratio of Lead Assessors to the 10,400 organisations is 1:20. With just 250 days until the submission deadline and hefty fines for non-compliance, are we soon approaching a crunch point where businesses leave it too […]

E-SOS time for business energy audits?

Three quarters of businesses have yet to start their mandatory energy audits which must be completed by the end of the year. A new poll on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) also revealed nearly half (47%) of those surveyed have not yet begun any compliance activity. Under the new initiative, large businesses in the […]

New ESOS guide for manufacturers launched

A new guide to help manufacturers comply with the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has been published. The ESOS scheme requires all companies with more than 250 employees or more than £50 million of revenue to complete a detailed energy audit at least once every four years. The first audits have to be completed […]

Opt for ISO 50001 to comply with ESOS, firms advised

Businesses are being advised to start being compliant “as early as possible” to make sure they meet the government’s energy audits deadline and avoid fines. As part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), all large firms in the private sector – those with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover of more than […]