UK fires up old coal plants to prevent power cuts

Two coal-fired units at the Drax power plant are prepared for boosting the UK’s grid if required

Accounting giant to ‘shut offices for two weeks to reduce energy costs’

Reports claim that PwC will close most of its 19 UK offices in a bid to cut energy consumption

Windfall tax makes energy supply less certain, warns SSE boss

SSE Chief Executive has said the company might need to reduce the output at some of its hydroelectric plants

Australian LNG cargo lands on UK shores as Germany reconnects coal-fired power plant

A tanker carrying LNG from Australia has reportedly docked in Kent

Europe says ‘no’ to VAT exemption on German gas levy

All German consumers will face a new tax which is hoped to mitigate the rising cost of gas imports

Spain activates air conditioning limits

Homes and public buildings in the country will be banned to be cooled by less than 27°C

Germany rules out putting Nord Stream 2 into operation this winter

The German Government has insisted it is committed to the sanctions on Russia, despite the “difficult months” ahead

Latvia responds after Russia choked its gas supplies

The Baltic state has secured gas from other sources

UK supercharges Ukrainian energy sector with additional £5m package

Safety and security equipment for nuclear sites will be sent to Ukraine

Australia ‘has just 68 days of oil reserves’

The country is nearly 91% dependent on imported oil, a public policy think tank has warned