IEA: World needs flexible power systems as renewables rise

Their share is forecast to increase from 25% today to more than 40% by 2040

New voluntary code of conduct for demand side response

Flex Assure sets common standards for businesses that co-ordinate or aggregate demand response from individual customers

Planet ‘will warm by 2.5˚C and fail Paris Agreement’

The planet is likely to warm by 2.5˚C, failing to achieve the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement. That’s according to DNV GL, which says this is despite energy demand plateauing by 2030 as a result of efficiency improvements and reduced fossil fuel generation. It expects renewable energy sources to make up nearly half of […]

Global nuclear energy demand to rise by 4%

Global nuclear energy demand has grown in recent years, exceeding 2,400TWh in 2014. It is estimated to increase by more than 4% from 2015 to 2022, according to new research. It states rapid population growth, along with improved lifestyle, have resulted in strong demand for energy from households, both in developed and developing nations. The […]

Global demand for energy ‘to peak by 2030’

Global demand for energy per capita will peak before 2030. That would be due to due to the growth of new energy efficient technologies and the implementation of tougher policies from governments, said the World Energy Council (WEC). Demand for energy per person from 2030 would be slower, its report added. The WEC predicts electricity […]

Downton upturn will top Xmas electricity demand

The posh folk of Downton Abbey are likely to top the electricity demand charts this Christmas. According to National Grid’s predictions ahead of the festive season, the period drama finale starring Michelle Dockery (pictured), is expected to win the ratings war over Corrie and Call the Midwife, causing an expected power demand of 400MW. That’s […]

BP forecasts slower growth in global energy demand

Global demand for energy continues to grow but at a slower pace over the next two decades, a new report predicts. According to BP’s Energy Outlook, energy usage globally is expected to rise by 41% from 2012 to 2035 compared to 55% over the last 23 years. At least 95% of that increase is expected […]

Businesses could be paid to use wind power at night

Major energy users in the UK could be paid to use excess wind power during off-peak hours under plans being explored by National Grid. Reports claim it could save the company millions of pounds in the so-called “constraint payments” as businesses are currently paid to shut down wind farms at times of low demand, particularly […]

Indian state gets $350m for power project

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has been granted a $350 million (£213.8m) loan to upgrade its power networks and help meet the increasing demand for energy. The state is expected to see demand for electricity rise by around 11% a year between 2013 and 2017, resulting in a potential transmission and distribution capacity gap […]

Murray final sees energy demand ‘fall 400,000 kettles’

Energy demand fell by around 400,000 kettles’ worth yesterday as people settled down in front of the telly to watch Andy Murray smash home the first Wimbledon win for a British man in more than seven decades. There was a suppression of electricity demand of 1000MW during the gripping tennis match, according to the National […]