Growing Ivy can make homes more energy efficient!

The plant species can reduce the air temperature of buildings by up to 7.2°C, according to a report

New York announces $50m challenge to decarbonise high-rise buildings

A total of 10 real estate groups have been selected, with each company committing to achieving carbon neutrality in one or more buildings they own through investments in energy efficiency, electrification, energy storage and retrofit projects

EAC urges government to launch improved energy efficiency scheme after scrapping GHG

The body suggests there is a ‘pressing need’ to boost the energy efficiency of UK homes

Scientists reveal breakthrough ‘whitest ever’ paint that could erase the need for air conditioning

The new paint is claimed to reflect 98.1% of sunlight while sending away infrared heat

London becomes the ‘most energy efficient’ region in England and Wales

Nearly 41.8% of homes in the capital have the highest EPC rating

New York announces $25m to boost energy efficiency in commercial buildings

The Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) + Tenants Programme will support replicable approaches for commercial office buildings to cost effectively reduce energy consumption

Homes in Northern England ‘will be harder hit from the scrapped Green Homes Grant’

Nearly 223,000 homes in northern regions are estimated to miss out on the chance to install green measures, according to a new report

Government ditches Green Homes Grant

Responding to the announcement, EnergyUK said scrapping the scheme before it got off the ground will undermine trust

US announces $34.5m for data science and machine learning to advance climate solutions

It will support researchers using computation-based models to tackle basic science challenges, advance clean energy technologies, improve energy efficiency and predict extreme weather and climate patterns

UK unlocks £562m Green Homes package for 50k households

The funding will support the installation of green measures, including heat pumps, insulation and solar panels