Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Lack of energy discipline? OK, you’re fired!

We’ve tried self-regulation, we’ve tried awareness, persuasion, naming & shaming and many more methods to get organisations to improve their overall fuel efficiency in energy and transport areas. We’ve even incentivised those being good and green. Let’s face it, this is a very serious financial and environmental area of most companies’ operations. Some compare it […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Dear energy manager where are you?

Keeping fairly close tabs on the industry, as well as being involved with a range of representative bodies within it, it’s clear that the sector, most particularly on the client side, is leaking talented energy managers. And no disrespect to those working hard in the industry now, they’re desperately needed! OK, I hear you say, […]

Skills ‘particularly important for energy managers’

Skills are particularly important for energy managers as they have to adapt to “rapid changes” in the industry. That’s according to Sarah Beacock, Skills and Capability Director at the Energy Institute, who believes energy managers have to “continuously update their knowledge”. She told ELN: “You come into the job with some beginning level of skills, […]

Energy managers and psychologists: A perfect marriage?

Energy managers and psychologists should join forces for effective management. That’s the view of Phillipa Coan, Business Psychologist at Stride, who believes it would be a “perfect marriage” if the skill sets of the two professions were brought together. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Institute event last week, she said: “I think we offer […]

Guest Blog: Georgina Penfold – Sporting inspiration to energise your day!

With summer in full flow sport dominates the headlines. We’ve had the honorable defeat of the Lionesses in the World Cup, Andy Murray’s Davis Cup triumph (let’s ignore his spanking at Wimbledon) and of course the Ashes which are currently 1-1. While this is all good fun it occurs to me energy managers can learn […]

Give the new government some advice

Fed up of the CRC? Think ESOS is a waste of time and money? Well if you are an energy manager who thinks the current schemes to help us cut carbon and reduce energy spending are a load of hot air, now’s your chance to give our new government your views. Energy management guru Haydn […]

Guest Blog: Merv Bowden – Dear Santa…

It’s that time of year when the Energy Managers of this world send their annual requests and thoughts to Santa with a view to “making their day” not just on 25th December but hopefully for a little longer. Here are some of the requests we cunningly intercepted…………along with Santa’s replies. Dear Santa – I work for […]

Energy managers save NHS pay “many times over”

Energy managers have been stoutly defended for saving the NHS “many times” their own salaries after getting a bashing from the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The body criticised a number of NHS Trusts for overspending on energy and branded energy and sustainability roles – alongside PR and EU positions – as a waste of public cash. But […]

NHS energy managers branded “waste of money”

Energy managers in the NHS have been branded a “waste” of public money by the Taxpayers’ Alliance. The group slammed the NHS for “unnecessary” jobs in public relations, the EU and ‘green’ staff. It also took a pop at roles ranging from sustainability and energy management, claiming the NHS was employing at least 86 ‘green’ […]

New event concept taps into energy managers’ mood

A new style of conference has tapped into the needs of energy managers to learn from each other and network more. Lively and interactive Energy Live 2013 yesterday won praise for its quirky location, with an ‘open plan’ layout at London Film Museum seeing the main stage slap bang next to smaller side spaces for expert […]