Views sought on creating new markets for distributed energy

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) is seeking views on creating new markets for distributed energy resources (DERs). It has launched a consultation on how to create a smart electricity grid for technologies such as battery storage, solar panels and services such as electric vehicles to grid demand response. It is part of its Open Networks […]

New initiative redefines future of electricity networks

A new initiative that redefines how the UK’s electricity networks will operate in the future has been announced. The Open Networks Project, led by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), comes as the nation moves towards a low carbon and smarter grid. It says the role of local electricity networks – also known as Distribution Network […]

Election debate should be about ‘more than just energy tariffs’

The energy policy debate in the run up to the general election should be about more than just tariffs. That’s the view of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), which is calling on politicians for a greater focus on infrastructure. It suggests the transition towards a smarter, flexible and integrated energy system “offers exciting opportunities” and […]

Bad news for turkeys – Christmas power should be A-OK

It’s bad news for turkeys but better for hungry revellers in the Britain as power providers are expecting little disruption to supply over the holiday period. Last Christmas saw extreme weather beat down on parts of Scotland, bringing the worst conditions the country had seen in 25 years. Gale force winds hit 100mph in places […]

Tougher laws for metal theft passed

A new law for the scrap metal industry passed today could cut the number of cable thefts in the energy industry. Richard Ottaway, MP for Croydon South’s ‘Scrap Metal Dealers Bill’ proposes a reform of the metal recycling industry, which includes a “rigorous licensing scheme”. This is to ensure every sale of scrap metal is […]

‘Smarter’ electricity network could save £11bn

UK consumers could save around £11 billion if “smart” solutions are implemented in the UK electricity network. A new report commissioned by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) on behalf of DECC and Ofgem suggests a smarter network is vital for an affordable, secure and sustainable low carbon future. The report looks at the implications of […]

Power cable theft doubles to 20 attacks a day

Attacks on Britain’s power network because of cable theft doubled to more than 20 a day in 2011 compared with the year before. The worrying statistic is driven by high demand for copper with prices of up to $8,000 a tonne this week. Thieves are targeting the power grid in the hope of selling it […]

Investment in infrastructure is a smart idea

Yesterday’s decision by the Chancellor to invest in UK infrastructure has been backed by engineers and representatives of the wires and pipes transmission networks. They say that creating a smart network will bode well for the future. David Smith, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive said: “The smarter network will empower the public and help them […]

Metal theft bill aims to save money and lives

A bill introduced to the House of Commons today aims to crack down on the increasing amount of metal being stolen across the energy networks. Graham Jones MP, who introduced the Private Members Bill, said thefts not only cost the companies money but is also people’s lives. Metal theft took six lives last year alone […]

Energy trade bodies plan merger

Energy trade groups are planning to join forces in a new “broader and more representative” industry body. The merger has been on the cards for a while, with the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP) wanting to present a “stronger and more coherent voice” for industry. The energy trade association landscape needs a re-jig, said David […]