UK unlocks 50GW capacity for early grid connection

The UK’s electricity grid has expedited the availability of 50GW capacity for generators and battery storage providers, outpacing initial schedules

Storm Ciaran leaves power outages in its wake

Power outages have been reported across the UK in the aftermath of Storm Ciaran, affecting numerous regions and prompting extensive efforts to restore electricity

ENA advocates dual approach for UK heat energy transition

The ENA has highlighted the need for a balanced, multifaceted approach to decarbonisation, acknowledging the ongoing role of gas in the UK’s energy landscape

Energy leaders promote diversity and inclusion

Leaders in the energy sector are spearheading an initiative to enhance visibility of diversity and inclusion across the entire industry

Industry reacts to UK’s new net zero plan

The UK government’s revised net zero plan has elicited mixed reactions from various organisations

UK hydrogen hopes crash – plunges from second to eighth place

Delays and uncertainty have stunted the UK’s hydrogen progress, allowing other countries to surge ahead, industry says

Ofgem triples storm compensation cap to £2,000

The energy regulator has announced a significant increase in the storm compensation cap, raising it from £700 to £2,000

Britain smashes flexibility records

Britain’s local flexibility markets saw a record 4.6GW capacity tendered last year, with 2GW successfully contracted

Energy industry urges clarity in government’s hydrogen policies

Associations have expressed concerns over uncertainty impacting investments and progress

Industry responds to CCC’s Progress Report

Energy sector leaders hail the report as a significant wake-up call