Ed Davey: Communities have seen wind farms but not windfall

Communities with onshore wind farms have had the energy but not the benefits, according to Energy Secretary Ed Davey. His comments came alongside a consultation aimed to help communities secure financial, social and environmental benefits from having wind farms. This includes ways to help cut energy bills, maximise local businesses’ participation in wind projects and […]

Firms want trust and transparency in energy consultancies

Trust and transparency are the two qualities that companies look for in energy and utility consultancies. That’s according to a new survey conducted by British Independent Utilities (BIU) with responses from some of the UK’s leading organisations. Cheaper energy supplies surprisingly came in second place, followed by companies wanting more innovation and new technologies. Firms […]

UK Trade & Investment Webinar – Shale Gas: Smoke & Mirrors

You are invited to attend a UK Trade & Investment Webinar, Shale Gas: Smoke & Mirrors Tuesday, 25 September, 4.30 p.m. UK Trade & Investment will be hosting a webinar focused on the shale gas market in the US and how UK companies can participate in the supply chain opportunities it offers. This webinar will […]

DECC’s new fuel poverty definition ‘flawed’

The Government’s proposed new definition for fuel poverty is “flawed” and poor households will still lack affordable warmth. That’s according to National Energy Action (NEA) which is “disappointed” about DECC’s plans to redefine fuel poverty in the UK. Under the new proposals, the Government is expected to cut the number of people classified as living […]

New Energy Minister to say energy investment boosts economic recovery

The new Energy Minister John Hayes is expected to trumpet the role of the energy industry in pulling the economy out of the doldrums at the opening of a new gas power station in Wales this morning. On one of his first official visits since taking over the ministerial briefing from Charles Hendry in the […]

Blog: Will visit to Welsh gas plant inspire our new Energy Minister?

Streaming through Welsh countryside past TATA Steel’s sprawling site in Port Talbot on the way to cover the launch of npower’s new gas plant at Pembroke yesterday, I was reminded of the Olympics opening ceremony. From the angular arms of cranes to the tall cigarette-thin towers, the TATA plant was like that pre-sporting spectacle – […]

TEAM release additional London date for RHI for Heat Metering Course

Due to increased interest TEAM has decided to offer an additional date to the schedule for Professor Tony Day’s Heat Metering for Renewable Heat Incentive Training Course. TEAM has been instrumental in the production of The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) has launched a new “Guide to Good Practice: Heat Metering for the RHI”. […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

Business speaks out on Feed in Tariff confusion Okay, confusion may be a little strong. But the Feed in Tariff – or at least the way that business consumers pay for it – is causing concern. At a time when accurate budgeting is paramount to keeping costs under control, having so much uncertainty over what […]

Blog: Got the fear about our energy future? Join the club

As our bizarre summer finally breaks into heat – the weekend’s mix of sunshine and downpour seems quintessentially British, i.e. totally bonkers – the turning weather has pushed my thoughts onto the next season. Autumn, season of mists – and one of the biggest bits of policy to hit the energy sector in at least […]

Lords: energy market reform is “Herculean” task

The Government faces a “Herculean” task when overhauling the electricity market, according to the House of Lords’ working group charged with looking at the Draft Energy Bill. The Government’s planned market reform is seen as the biggest change to the sector since privatisation and is meant to improve competition and accommodate new renewable forms of […]