Industry reacts to Conservative manifesto

The official release of the Conservative Party’s election manifesto has already gathered a variety of reactions from the UK’s energy industry. It outlines a series of proposals for the sector, including making the UK’s energy costs more affordable and competitive, increasing the fairness of the retail market, continuing to pursue offshore wind, encouraging the fracking […]

Industry reacts to Labour’s plans

The official release of the Labour Party’s election manifesto  has already gathered mixed reactions from the UK’s energy industry. It outlines a series of proposed change-ups for the sector, including scrapping the National Grid in favour of decentralised energy systems, banning fracking, introducing price caps and pushing for increased renewable generation. Fracking ban UKOOG, the […]

‘UK needs to focus on cheaper bills rather than lower emissions’ says Lords peer

The UK needs a shift in energy policy to prioritise cheaper bills rather than reducing emissions. That’s according to House of Lords peer Matt Ridley, who has reportedly backed the findings of an Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) report from February and said he hopes the government will change its direction. The Lords’ report criticised the costly Hinkley […]

‘UK needs clear policies, not distractions’

The UK needs to stop using global shake-ups and surprises as an excuse not to release clear energy policies. That’s according to Patrick Pringle, Director of the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP), who spoke to ELN at an All Party Parliamentary Climate Change group meeting organsied by Policy Connect. He said the UK Government tends to hide behind and get sidetracked […]

Trump’s energy policies: Support shale, clean coal and dump climate plan

The Trump administration has confirmed its intentions to reverse Barack Obama’s climate change policies and support fracking. Following President Donald Trump’s inauguration last week, his administration has announced plans to use the estimated $50 trillion (£40.15tn) that can be gained by exploring untapped shale oil and gas reserves to rebuild roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure as well as to create millions of jobs and boost the agriculture […]

Open letter to Greg Clark MP: Businesses are crying out for clarity

Business energy consultancy Inenco has today published an open letter to Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark to highlight the growing concern of businesses around the lack of long term certainty in energy and the impact this is having on business confidence. Following an Autumn Statement with little focus on energy, Inenco is asking BEIS […]

Guest Blog – Nick Turton: BEIS-t thing to come out of a zombie flick summer?

If 28 Days Later did politics, it would look like summer 2016. Brexit, resignations, leadership contests, reshuffles, even the stop-go of Hinkley Point played into the carnage. But with Parliament returning next week, the serious business of government resumes and the rubber of the May administration needs to hit the tarmac. Will it be a […]

CCC: Energy policy can’t depend on any single project

The UK’s energy policy to secure low carbon and affordable energy supply is about more than just Hinkley and “cannot be dependent on any single project”. That’s the message from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) which follows Theresa May’s decision to give the final go-ahead for the £18 billion nuclear project after she reviewed it. […]

UK Governments ‘failed to deliver affordable energy’

UK businesses believe governments have failed to deliver secure and affordable energy. A survey by the Institute of Directors (IoD) asked 1,000 business leaders their thoughts on the governments’ performance from 2002 onwards, in achieving the energy trilemma of securing supply that is affordable and low carbon. Seven in ten of them thought Labour, Coalition […]

New energy department must do the BEIS for large users

The UK’s new energy department must ensure large gas and power users are accounted for when making policy decisions. That’s the view of Dave Cranfield, General Manager at Total Gas & Power, who says energy intensive industries “must not be forgotten”. His comment comes after newly appointed Prime Minister Theresa May announced her Cabinet reshuffle […]