Building a business case for change when switching electricity supplier

Committing to being more sustainable as a business, and then delivering on that promise, can be challenging – especially when starting your programme of transition.

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Energy professionals want ‘predictable, no-surprises policy environment’

  Energy professionals want a predictable policy environment with “no surprises” from government. The latest annual survey dubbed ‘Energy Barometer’ from the Energy Institute found its members are most concerned about access to skills and the UK’s relationship with the EU Single Market following Brexit. A majority of them (66%) believe the engineering sector will […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – HELP!

We all find ourselves in situations both at home and at work when we need help from others across a wide range of subjects, some trivial but many serious and life/career affecting. Knowing when to ask for help can make huge differences to life and commercial outcomes but there are lots of barriers to doing […]

UK’s Young Energy Professionals Forum

ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to industry experts about encouraging more young people to join the energy sector and gets young energy professionals’ views on what they think of the industry.