Sunny skies ahead: Teesside Airport and SSE partner

Teesside International Airport and SSE Energy Solutions have unveiled a joint venture projected to eventually generate electricity equivalent to powering more than 17,000 homes

Brewers embrace sustainability, says expert

We spoke to beer expert Roland Pahl-Dobrick in this weeks Net Hero Podcast who told us current methods of beer filtration are unsustainable

Nearly 45% of Brits facing home breakdown repairs struggle without savings

Almost two-thirds of energy customers expressed heightened concerns about the cost of home emergencies this winter compared to just a year ago, according to a survey

Octopus export rate boost: Earn £150 more annually

Octopus Energy has increased the rate for its Smart Export Guarantee customers from 4.1p/kWh to 15p/kWh

Octopus Australia secures AUD$250m boost

Octopus Australia has received an investment from Rest, a major superannuation fund, as part of its successful second fundraising round for the Octopus Australia Sustainable Investments Fund

“Project cancellations” amid Ofgem grid charging concerns

The existing charging mechanism employed by Ofgem for supergrid transformer reinforcement is leading to project delays and cancellations due to financial uncertainties faced by investors, according to developers

UK energy consumption plummets: High energy prices drive 6.3% dip

According to recent government data, there was a significant decline of 22% in electricity generation by major power producers during the three-month period from April to June

Sky shield secured: UK pledges £3.5m to protect Air Defence from windfarms

The funding will support the development of prototypes aimed at mitigating windfarm impact on surveillance systems

Global offshore wind hits record growth

The sector’s 8.8GW capacity boost in 2022 marks its second-best year ever and experts predict an estimated 380GW will emerge on the horizon by 2032

Cost concerns top list of barriers to heat pump adoption

Almost two-thirds of Britons express interest in adopting heat pumps as a means to reduce their long-term energy bills, according to a new survey