New nuclear power stations may increase energy bills, says Business Secretary

Kwasi Kwarteng however, has said in the “medium-term” new nuclear would give the UK “cheaper power”

Boris talks about cutting bills for those living near onshore wind farms

The Prime Minister said householders might ‘buy into’ living closer to onshore wind projects if they have lower bills

Boris Johnson says – build a nuclear power plant every year

The announcement was made during the Prime Minister’s visit to Hartlepool nuclear power station

Will the UK coal plants get a second life to ease energy crunch?

EDF, Drax and Uniper have reportedly been asked to keep their coal-fired power stations open longer

Octopus winds its way through UK offshore wind power

Octopus Energy Generation bought an 8% stake in a 270MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Skegness in the East of England

Activists cover BEIS building with orange paint in protest against Drax

Campaigners have launched actions as they oppose the government’s subsidies to Drax biomass power station

It’s silly to give more support for energy bills now, says Rishi Sunak

The Chancellor has hinted at a potential windfall tax if energy companies will not invest in the UK’s energy security

UK’s gas imports from Russia increased by 37% in 2021

Russia was the fourth-most imported source for the UK last year, according to official data

‘More wind, more solar, more nuclear’, says Kwasi Kwarteng

The Business Secretary delivered a new speech explaining what the Energy Security Strategy will entail and the key takeaways

INEOS unveils plan for new fracking test site

The company said extracting shale gas could make the UK ‘self-sufficient’ in ten years