Argentina and IEA ink deal to share energy statistics

The Republic of Argentina and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have agreed to increase their co-operation with a new bilateral programme on energy statistics. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this week following their meeting during the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue. The MoU covers co-operation on G20-related energy issues, statistics webinars, energy data collection […]

Solar energy production up, coal down

The UK saw a fall in production from coal-fired power stations in the second quarter of this year. The share of electricity from coal power plants fell 28.2% – compared to 34.5% in the same quarter last year – due to a number of mine closures, the latest energy statistics from DECC suggest. Gas partially […]

UK renewable electricity generation up 30% in 2013

Electricity generated from renewable sources rose 30% last year, according to the latest energy statistics from DECC. They accounted for nearly 15% of total energy generation – a 3.6% rise from 2012. Onshore wind continued to be the leading renewable technology for electricity generation, providing 32% of the total while offshore wind generated a further […]

UK wind energy output grew 38% last year

The amount of electricity produced by wind grew by more than a third last year, according to DECC. Provisional energy statistics for 2013 show wind farms met 7.7% of demand last year, up from 5.5% in 2012 – a 38% rise year-on-year. Overall low carbon generation accounted for 32.7% of supply – up from 29.4% […]

UK energy imports at ‘record levels’ last year

Electricity generated from clean energy sources in the UK shot up by 19% while fossil fuels production fell in 2012 compared to a year earlier, leading to “record levels” of imports. New government figures show renewable energy accounted for 11.3% of total electricity generation in the country, up from 9.4% in 2011, with offshore and […]

Wind energy generation beats gas

Renewable energy appears to be gaining momentum in the UK as new figures showed wind generation rose 33% last year whilst gas production fell. According to DECC’s new ‘UK Energy Statistics’ for 2012, low carbon generation accounted for 29.6% of supply, up from 26.7% in 2011. The share of wind generation grew from 4% in […]

Renewables climb up while fossil fuels fall down

The UK saw a rise in renewable energy generation in the third quarter of this year whilst production of fossil fuels dropped. According to the latest energy statistics published by DECC, fuel, oil and gas production fell by 7.3%, 12.1% and 11.3% compared to the same time last year. The report suggests this was due […]

Gas prices force firms to use coal power

High gas prices in the UK led to companies opting for coal power instead this year. That’s what the figures in DECC’s new ‘UK Energy Statistics’ report suggest as gas generation fell to its lowest share of the UK’s energy mix over the past 14 years. Coal however accounted for 36.1% of electricity in the […]

Gas use up in UK by 8%

Gas use in the UK rose last year by nearly a tenth, according to new figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The latest Digest of UK Energy statistics for 2011 show that overall gas demand increased by 8.4 per cent. The figures reveal an increasing reliance on the fossil fuel, which […]