Government pours £220m into decarbonisation of major emitting industries

The scheme will fund innovative green projects that will help businesses cut carbon and energy costs

Nearly 13m customers ‘have never switched energy supplier’

If these non-switchers moved to a greener provider, they could reduce emissions by up to 30.5 million tonnes a year, according to new research

EV chargers to be ‘preset not to work on peak hours to help the grid’

EV chargers at homes and offices will reportedly be preset to switch off for nine hours each weekday

Smart meters and bills ‘on the top of customers’ complaints to suppliers’

The latest Ofgem’s report shows nearly 53% of consumers are dissatisfied with the time taken to deal with the complaint

Could AI hold the key to fuel poverty?

A new data software is being developed to identify fuel-poor households across London, the East and South East

Electricity overuse put behind bars in Lancashire!

HM Garth prisoners have manufactured eco-friendly lights that use 62% less electricity

Ireland launches new support scheme to help SMEs reduce their energy bills

It is offering vouchers of €2,000 to cover the cost of energy audits, which will provide tailored recommendations to cut energy bills and assess whether renewable energy technologies are a viable option for their businesses

‘Worst energy suppliers five times more likely to provide inaccurate bills’

Suppliers ranked in the bottom five of the Citizens Advice’s star rating table failed to provide an accurate bill for 15% of their customers

Are smart meters really smart?

New research has found that just one in six energy deals currently on the market are available for smart meter owners

Schools need a lesson in energy saving!

Energy costs paid by schools have gone up by 6.5%