Petition for nationalisation of energy companies gathers steam

Campaigners suggest the move is needed to mitigate energy cost hikes and mismanagement of the energy sector

Energy demand peaked on UK’s hottest day

National Grid ESO report suggests on 19th July the UK saw a peak in energy demand

Smart meters
Smart meter data ‘set for five-fold growth over the next four years’

One billion messages were sent over the national smart meter network in July

Green energy projects awarded millions of pounds in Ofgem funding

The regulator will invest £8 million in 18 projects

Britain braces for “tight” electricity margins and “very high” energy prices

The ESO says that despite the tight margins likely to be seen at the end of the year, it should be able to keep the lights on

New fears for winter UK blackouts erupt

National Grid has reportedly put together a contingency plan to help the country navigate towards energy shortages

Growing number of people support “consumer strike on energy bills”

Money Saving Expert Founder has said the UK is heading for a “national financial cataclysm”

UK cold storage sector can’t freeze burning electricity bills

The sector’s bills are set to double this year, according to a report

SSE Energy allegedly breaks into home and changes locks to install pre-paid meter

A couple has allegedly been locked out of their own home for four hours due to a customer transfer error

US records a boom in all-electric homes

Over a quarter of all US households are all-electric, new study finds