Thames Water fined £3.34m for polluting rivers

A judge has ruled that Thames Water’s actions resulted in severe pollution of rivers in Sussex and Surrey, causing the death of thousands of fish

Largest criminal investigation into potential sewage permit breaches launched

The Environment Agency’s initial assessment suggests “widespread” and “serious” non-compliance of environmental permit conditions by all water companies

‘Toxic chemical cocktails found in over 1,600 English water sites’

Up to 101 chemicals have been detected in river samples, including the rivers Mersey, Thames, Trent, Irwell, Medway, Humber and Avon, according to a study

Anglian Water slapped with £2.6m fine for discharging sewage in the North Sea

The Environment Agency officers uncovered Anglian Water’s monthly discharge of waste water equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools into the North Sea

South West Water fined £2.1m for pollution offences

The company has received the ‘largest ever’ fine for environmental offences in Devon and Cornwall

King’s green energy firm probed over ‘gas leak’

JV Energen, an energy firm majority-owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, has been investigated for breaches after a “significant unauthorised leak of global-heating gases lasting 38 days”

Ofwat approves £1.6bn investment for UK water infrastructure

The investments in 31 schemes are expected to improve water resilience, storm overflows and reduce nutrient pollution

Rolls-Royce SMR design passes first assessment hurdle!

The design has now progressed to step 2 of the Generic Design Assessment process

Water companies face unlimited fines for dumping sewage

The government reportedly plans to introduce unlimited fines for water companies found guilty of dumping sewage into rivers and seas

Green light for Sizewell C as Environment Agency issues permits

NNB Generation Company has been granted three environmental permits to build and operate a new nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk