Brexit: Has your business signed up to limit F-gases?

F-gases can be found in refrigeration, air conditioning and aerosols and are powerful greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming

Liam Fox pledges support for oil and gas and environmental standards post-Brexit

The international trade secretary said climate change is ‘undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenges’ beyond Brexit

Lords vote to enforce EU environmental standards after Brexit

It is the UK Government’s 15th defeat in the Lords

UK to set up environmental watchdog to deliver ‘green’ Brexit

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has set out plans to establish an independent watchdog to deliver a “green” Brexit. The new body is expected to advise and challenge government and potentially other public bodies on environmental legislation in England after the UK leaves the EU. It would step in when needed to hold those bodies to […]

US fuel standard rollbacks open for consultation

Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt, Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have begun the process of weakening fuel standards for cars and light trucks in the US. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) rules are regulations intended to improve the average fuel economy of these popular types of vehicle and were originally introduced in […]