US invests $40m in enhanced oil recovery

Five projects will share the funding as part of the Department of Energy’s strategy focused on increasing recovery and operational efficiency

 CO2 enhanced oil recovery a ‘stepping stone’ to low carbon economy

Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2-EOR) could be a “stepping stone” for the UK’s transition towards a low carbon economy. It could also help balance climate change commitments and fix the situation in the North Sea, according to an academic. CO2-EOR is a process in which Carbon Dioxide captured from power plants and other industrial sources […]

Enhanced oil market set to grow by 16% per year

The enhanced oil recovery (EOR) market could grow at 16.9% annually to 2019. That’s according to the Global EOR Market 2015-2019 report which stated the main factor of EOR growth is the increase of oil consumption coupled with the reduction of production. EOR techniques are playing a key role in meeting the rising oil demand, it stated. It […]