UK councils face battle in making social housing energy efficient

Among 200 surveyed councils, just 18 achieved a C or higher EPC rating in 90% of their properties, according to a new report

UK home insulation drive to deliver £39bn boost by 2030

Citizens Advice is urging for a new initiative to elevate the EPC of 31 million homes to level C by 2030, with the potential to reduce consumers’ bills by £24 billion

‘Nearly 12m UK homes need energy retrofitting in five years’

A campaigning network of urban local authorities has called for an investment of £10 billion over the next five years to make one million of England’s most deprived homes energy efficient

“Flawed modelling could lead to inaccurate energy ratings for homes”

Homes in the lowest energy bands G and F could be given poor energy efficiency ratings due to flawed modelling used to rate them, according to a new study

OVO Energy brings ‘green’ living to 1,000 Cornish homes

OVO Energy Solutions has received £20.7 million in funding from the government to deliver green home improvements

London office landlords face unlettable space due to new green energy laws

New research shows that around 8% of London offices may not be able to be let out from April due to the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Private renters face £1bn extra bill due to energy efficiency delays

Under a medium gas price scenario, the delay in confirming new energy efficiency standards could create extra financial pressure on household bills, according to research

Grant Shapps ‘sympathetic’ to energy bill concerns

This is after the announcement that the price cap would fall to £3,280 from £4,279 in April

EPC ratings need reform, says Climate Change Committee’s chair

Lord Deben has said current metrics do not help people understand the energy efficiency of their homes

Energy prices to change in January – but by how much?

The government is adjusting the EPC, which will see some households’ bills go up minimally