EMR ‘will force government to be sole power purchaser’

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is pushing the UK back towards the government being the only buyer of power. That’s according to Michael Pollitt, Proffessor of Political Business at Cambridge University, who spoke to ELN at the EMR conference in London yesterday. He said: “I think that was always going to be the outcome of the EMR […]

DECC invites views on rules for limiting emissions

The Government is inviting views on its proposed approach to the regulations that require operators of fossil fuel power stations to limit carbon emissions. DECC has launched a consultation on some aspects of the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS), which became law as part of the Energy Act 2013 and forms part of the measures that […]

Lords vote to limit coal-fired carbon emissions

The House of Lords yesterday voted in favour of forcing coal-fired power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The Government was defeated by the Labour party by 237 to 193 as the Lords agreed to get plant operators to apply the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) to cut their carbon emissions. Power plants using coal, […]

Gas and nuclear get backing from PM

David Cameron has confirmed the future of UK energy is likely to be dominated by gas and nuclear. Speaking at the Institute of Civil Engineering on national infrastructure he said his Government was planning a “bold transformation”, which would suit investors looking for certainty. The energy industry has been begging for more certainty around future […]

Davey announces EPS to the despair of green groups

By way of providing certainty to the gas industry, the Government has decided that power plants consented under the new Emission Performance Standard will be guaranteed that level until at least 2045. DECC says the measures will encourage the right amount of investment in “new reliable capacity including gas” in order to secure the UK’s […]