US awards $45m for fuel efficient transport systems

A sum of $45 million (£28.7m) has been awarded for new research and development projects into cheaper and more fuel efficient transportation technologies in the US. The 38 projects announced span five major areas such as affordable, efficient batteries, power electronics, fuels and lubricants and efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It builds on […]

Wind was fastest growing energy source in US last year

Wind power became the number one source of new electricity generation capacity for the first time in the US last year. According to new reports released by the US Department of Energy, wind energy represented 43% of all new electricity additions and accounted for $25 billion (£16.3bn) in investments in 2012. More than 13GW of […]

US provides $22m for cost-competitive biofuels

The US Energy Department is teaming up with research institutes and the energy industry in a bid to make biofuels more cost-competitive to gas. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced more than $22 million (£14.5m) worth of new investment in a number of projects, most of which aim to help boost the productivity of sustainable algae […]

US sees double EV sales in 2013

Electric vehicle sales in the US have doubled in the first six months of 2013 compared to the same period last year. Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) sales tripled from around 17,000 in 2011 to 52,000 in 2012 whilst more than 40,000 have already been bought in the first six months this year – more than […]

Small US businesses to save energy with $24m fund

The US Department of Energy has awarded $10 million (£6.57m) to help small businesses implement energy efficiency improvements in a bid to save energy and cut bills. The investment will be matched by at least $14 million (£9.2m) in private sector funding and will be used for six commercial building projects. This includes schools, churches, […]

$8bn US loan for low emission fossil fuel projects

The US Department of Energy has laid out plans to offer up to $8 billion (£5.25bn) in loan guarantees to develop technologies that cut carbon emissions from extracting and burning fossil fuels. It will support new or significantly improved fossil fuel energy projects and facilities – such as carbon capture, low carbon power systems and […]

New tool to protect US oil and gas sector from cyber attacks

A new public-private partnership to strengthen protection of the oil and gas infrastructure from cyber attacks has been announced in the US. Led by the Energy Department in collaboration with industry experts, the Department of Homeland Security and other stakeholders, the initiative will create a tool that allows owners and operators to assess and prioritise […]

New US research centre to boost clean energy development

A new $135 million (£87.17m) test centre to boost utility-scale clean energy grid integration technologies is being developed in the US. The Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) (pictured) in Colorado will help both public and private sector researchers scale-up clean energy technologies – like solar modules, wind turbines, electric vehicles and interactive home appliances – […]

$20m for US research into energy efficient lighting

Five manufacturing projects to support research and development into energy efficient lighting products has been launched in the US. The Department of Energy is providing $10 million (£6.45m) worth of investment, with the same amount matched by private sector funding. The projects will focus on cutting manufacturing costs while improving the quality and performance of […]

Microwave efficiency standards to save $3bn on US energy bills

New energy efficiency standards for microwave ovens could help US householders save nearly $3 billion (£1.96bn) on their energy bills by 2030. The US Department of Energy suggests the standards would cut energy usage in standby mode by 75% in microwave ovens without convection features, i.e. one that doesn’t include a fan and by 51% […]