Energy Bill uncertainty fails to attract renewables investment

The Government’s Energy Bill has not managed to meet the investor community’s high expectations as the UK is still in sixth place for country attractiveness for renewables investment. Ernst & Young’s latest quarterly global report ‘Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices’ (CAI) shows China is still in the lead and Japan moved up to seventh place […]

People “questioning suppliers’ motives”

Customers are “questioning the very intentions and motives” of energy firms, according to a new report which offers energy suppliers some sorely needed tips on how to win their customers’ trust. Analysts at Ernst & Young have spelled out what retailers must do to get people to believe they have their best interests at heart. […]

Decline in power deals in 2012 but ‘robust outlook’ ahead

The value of deals within the power and utility sector decreased by 16.8% in 2012 due to continued low natural gas prices and global economic uncertainty. A quarterly report from Ernst & Young (E&Y) showed the values of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the sector declined from $144.7 billion (£91.5bn) in 2011 to $120.4 billion […]

Energy Bill needs ‘clear and cohesive’ market to deliver

A “clear and cohesive” market design is essential for the Government’s Energy Bill to deliver on cutting carbon emissions, securing energy supply and setting competitive prices. Energy company npower said it would help create a “level playing field” and allow different low carbon technologies to compete. Although it welcomes the proposals, the supplier said the […]

Political infighting ‘damaged’ UK’s investment attractiveness

The lack of consistency and political miscommunication over key energy reforms has “damaged” the UK’s position as an attractive place for renewable energy investment. In its latest quarterly global report ‘Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices’ (CAI), experts at Ernst & Young said the UK has dropped to sixth place, topped by China, Germany and the […]

Power deals hit by buyer-seller “stand off”

The value of deals in the power and utilities sector has dived in the third quarter of 2012 amid a “stand-off” between buyers and sellers. A quarterly report from Ernst & Young out today shows the value of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the sector dropped by 60% globally, down to US$68billion (£43bn) compared to […]

Tony Ward & Volker Beckers discuss trust at Energy Live 2012

Tony Ward, Partner & Head of Power and Utilities at Ernst & Young and Volker Beckers, Chief Executive Officer at npower talk about trust at Energy Live 2012.

DECC appoints new Chair of the Coal Authority

DECC today announced Stephen Dingle as the new Chair of the Coal Authority. Originally appointed as a member of the Board and Chair of its Audit Committee, Mr Dingle will take on his new role on 1 April next year for a four-year period. He has had a career as an investment banker and financial […]

ELN – Tony Ward speaks at Energy Live 2012

Tony Ward gives his view on what suppliers need to do in order to win trust at Energy Live 2012

“If Carlsberg did energy events” – sector hails Energy Live 2012

“Thought-provoking”, “worth the trip down”, “love the way you use the power of broadcast” – the response to Energy Live 2012 has been phenomenal. One attendee from Alfa Energy even tweeted: “If Carlsberg did energy events…” With hundreds of tweets about the speakers’ comments, the buzz after the event spread to Twitter. One hailed the […]