Firefighters will stay at Tilbury power station for next couple of days

Around 30-35 firefighters are still working on the damaged npower biomass plant at Tilbury and expect to remain in place over the next few days. A fire broke out in two fuel hoppers at the power station on Monday morning. The two fuel storage areas affected, units 9 and 10, are still being emptied of […]

Tilbury: crews work through the night on blaze

Crews from Essex Fire Service worked through the night to stay on top of the blaze at the Tilbury biomass power station. A fire broke out yesterday in a fuel storage area, but was under control by the afternoon. Firefighters began to remove pellets from fuel hoppers while maintaining a foam blanket on the affected […]

npower Tilbury plant ‘under control’

A fire that broke out at npower’s Tilbury biomass plant this morning is still burning but is “under control” according to Essex Fire Service. Firefighters are still battling the fire with foam and expect to do so for another three to four hours. There were up 120 firefighters at the scene earlier in the day. […]