Businesses could save £50m by cutting van loads

Businesses across the UK could save around £50 million every year by reducing unnecessary weight in the back of their vans. New research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) found firms that operate fleets of light goods vehicles (LGVs) of up to 3.5 tonnes could save up the cash by simply cutting the load by […]

Drivers have ‘no idea’ how much they pay for fuel

Do you know the cost of fuel? Well, if the answer is no, you’re not alone as a new survey claims almost three quarters (71%) of drivers do not know the average price of a litre of unleaded fuel. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) found even though nine in ten drivers shop around to find […]

Efficient tyres could cut fuel costs by £500m

UK firms could cut fuel costs by up to £500 million every year by using more fuel-efficient tyres on company vehicles. With new EU legislation compelling tyre manufacturers to label their car and light commercial tyres, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) is urging businesses to select “best-in-class tyres” for their vehicles. The new law, which […]

Save £270 by driving ‘smart’

British motorists can save around £270 each or 20p of every litre of fuel by simply driving “smart”. That’s according to a new research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which claims drivers lose £7 billion in wasted fuel every year. The fuel saved would be equivalent to filling 12,000 Olympic swimming pools. The Trust […]

Have you heard of smart meters?

Have you ever come across the term smart meters? If you haven’t, you are not alone as a new report claims only half of Britain has heard of it. DECC’s new research into public awareness, attitudes and experience of smart meters found most people didn’t know what a smart meter was and although 49% of […]

Businesses could save £1bn by managing miles

UK businesses could save around £1billion on fuel by managing their mileage, says a new report. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) said companies across the UK could slash their mileage costs by up to 10% by introducing mileage management systems. The technology works by using postcodes, which allows mileage to be calculated automatically and helps […]

London’s drivers wasting £60million with ‘unnecessary idling’

London’s drivers could save more than £60million worth of fuel by switching off their car engines when stationary. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) said this could also help reduce more than 100million kg of carbon emissions a year and is urging drivers to help improve the city’s air quality. A report from Transport for London […]

Call for advice on saving energy

A new phone line is launching today to give advice on how to save energy in homes and businesses. The Energy Saving Trust (EST), who will run the phone line with Careline Services, will give advice on energy efficiency and also provide information on existing schemes. This will include the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), […]