Waste gasification demonstration plant starts producing syngas

Once fully operational, the facility will provide enough electricity to power 2,500 homes

Heat networks ‘could cut cost of UK going green by £3bn’

The Energy Technologies Institute says heat networks could supply nearly half of heat demand

Cost reduction programme ‘could slash nuclear risks, costs and duration’

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) says it is essential for all organisations involved to work together towards this goal

Jo Coleman awarded OBE for low carbon tech work

The Energy Technologies Institute’s (ETI) Strategy Director has been awarded an OBE in recognition of her work in the field of low carbon technology and innovation. Through her career, Jo Coleman has created strong partnerships and modelling systems and had a significant impact on the advancement of developing ways to decarbonise the UK’s energy sector. […]

Improvements to heat networks ‘could save UK £30bn’

The UK could save up to £30 billion by implementing eight new route maps in district heating networks (DHN). That’s the findings of a new report, which has mapped eight innovative solutions that could see cost reductions of up to 40%. DHNs supply heating and hot water to homes and businesses and have the potential […]

Young Brits back biomass

Nearly nine in ten young people in the UK support developing biomass and reducing greenhouse emissions. That’s according to statistics from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which shows three quarters of the 18-24-year olds believe the government needs to do more to enable this. The survey of 3,200 adults also shows support for bioenergy is […]

‘Strong public support for bioenergy in the UK’

There is a strong public support for bioenergy production in the UK. That’s according to a survey by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) which revealed 80% out of 5,000 people surveyed were in favour of bioenergy playing a big part in the nation’s power mix. It added 74% of them supported producing bioenergy from biomass […]

Government ‘must encourage investment in small modular reactors’

Small modular reactors (SMR) could be operating in the UK by 2030 as there is potential for early deployment of the technology. However to make that happen, the government “has a crucial role” to play in encouraging early investor confidence, the Energy and Technologies Institute (ETI) said. Its report calls for the development of a strong […]

Project to review lifecycle emissions from bioenergy

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is to invest £160,000 in a project to review the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy. It has appointed low carbon energy consultancy North Energy Associates (NEA) to lead the seven-month project. It will review Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) studies to collect data sources and to produce reliable information across different […]

Existing tech and shared infrastructure ‘can cut CCS costs’

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) costs can be reduced by deploying existing technology and using shared infrastructure. That’s according to a report by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) which stated co-locating deployments using existing technology instead of creating new capture technology platforms can reduce initial CCS demonstration costs by up to 45%. It focused on […]