Green light for negotiations on ‘backloading’ EU ETS

Negotiations between the European Parliament and Council of the European Union on ‘backloading’ the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been given the green light by the European Committee of Permanent Representatives. A surplus of emissions allowances in the ETS – partly the result of reduced economic activity during the recent downturn – has pushed down […]

North Sea CCS needs a carrot, a stick and a “strategic vision”

Governments around the North Sea need to “develop a shared CO2 storage infrastructure” if Europe is to meet is climate change targets and achieve a low carbon economy. That’s according to a report released by Scottish Carbon Capture Storage (SCCS) to coincide with a meeting of European Parliament’s Environment Committee in Brussels this week to […]

“Slowdown” of world’s carbon emissions rise in 2012

The rise of the world’s carbon emissions slowed down in 2012 according to new figures from the European Commission’s in-house scientists and the Dutch environmental assessment agency PBL. Actual global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) hit 34.5 billion tonnes last year, a rise of 1.1% since 2011. That’s less than half the average yearly increase […]

European energy ministers say ambitious 2030 targets are needed

European cabinet ministers responsible for energy and climate change met yesterday in Brussels to lay out their vision for a low carbon economy. A pamphlet signed by ministers at the European Green Growth Summit set out three priorities for the European Union: agreeing on ambitious 2030 targets; reforming the structure of the Emissions Trading Scheme and […]

Angela Merkel supports back-loading in EU carbon market

Newly re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favour of a ‘back-loading’ measure in the EU’s carbon markets to push up carbon prices. Proposals to temporarily ditch 900 million credits – which businesses buy and trade depending on their carbon emissions – need Germany’s backing to pass in the European parliament. Speaking on Wednesday at […]

French businesses could be taxed twice on carbon emissions

Some businesses in France could end up being taxed twice for their carbon emissions under the French government’s proposed carbon tax, it has been suggested. The tax will be levied on all fossil fuels in proportion to the carbon emissions they generate. The government is hoping it will bring in €4 billion by 2016, with […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

Get ready for more energy-efficiency obligations Do you feel your energy-efficiency-related workload has become, well, inefficient? We currently have the CRC, the EU ETS, Climate Change Agreements and Greenhouse Gas emissions reporting, some or all of which you may be legally required to participate in. Then there are the complexities of Electricity Market Reform and […]

DECC seeks views on proposed EU ETS penalty changes

The UK Government is seeking views on the proposed changes to regulations on simplifying the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) penalties for businesses. The ETS was introduced in 2005 to help the EU meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8% below the 1990 level under the Kyoto Protocol – the first global […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

The contracts that will make a difference to your business  Another week, another important EMR announcement – and this time, rather than analysing new detail released by the government, we are being asked for our views, so they can then do the analysing. I’m talking about not one but two EMR-related consultations launched by the […]

Europe’s carbon credit oversupply could “worsen”

The oversupply of carbon credits in the European Union’s carbon trading scheme could “worsen”. That’s the view of ratings agency Fitch in response to the MEPs’ decision to temporarily withdraw 900 million permits in the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) last week. Giving its verdict on the European Parliament’s vote to hold back carbon credits, […]