‘Hydrogen is the rockstar of the energy system’

The European Commission has pledged to support the installation of at least 6GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers in the EU by 2024

Offshore wind ‘will prove critical for Europe to hit its 2050 targets’

Politicians from across the continent have stated a new European offshore wind framework is needed to help overcome the barriers presented during the deployment of joint and hybrid projects between countries

Global wind and solar generation smash new record, doubling since 2013

Europe generated almost 18% of its electricity by wind and solar last year, while China, India and the US were all above the global average of 8%, according to a new report

‘Average CO2 emissions from European new cars spiked for the third year in a row’

The increase was due to the growing share of the sport utility vehicles and the limited increase in the share of EVs, according to a report

‘Progress towards the EU’s climate and energy targets has stalled’

The climate-related economic losses in 2017 amounted to €12.1 billion, according to the latest Eurostat report

‘Three-quarters of Europeans approve of measures to ensure pre-pandemic air pollution doesn’t return’

Around 68% of 7,545 respondents want to see air pollution reduction policies, including restrictions on car access to city centres, kept in place.

‘Washing our dirty laundry in private is killing our seas’

A new report reveals billions of washing machine loads dump 13,000 tonnes of microfibres into European waters every year

Voltalia to build and operate 140MW solar plant in Albania

The French company will sell half of the electricity produced to the Albanian state at €24.89 per MWh and the remainder will be sold in the energy market

European ECV sales jump by 100% in first quarter of 2020

Over the same period, demand for diesel and petrol cars plummeted by 32.6% and 32.2% respectively

EU speeds up new tyre labelling to slash car emissions

The labels will include information on fuel efficiency and wet grip, on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’, similar to the energy labelling used for household appliances