£1.6m fund for ‘first’ tidal energy generator in Wales

A Welsh firm has been awarded a £1.6 million grant for the nation’s “first” full-scale tidal energy project. The cash will help Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd deploy its ‘DeltaStream’ device (pictured) in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, where it will generate clean electricity over a 12-month demonstration period. The technology sits on the seabed and includes three […]

Scotland gets £6.9m Euro-cash for renewables

Scotland yesterday unveiled a £6.9m boost from the European Regional Development Fund for renewable energy and low carbon economy projects. The cash will be divided between universities and other research centres focusing on low carbon innovation and includes £ 800,000 for Fife’s Adam Smith College to help companies develop new products, £831,000 to provide skills […]

Wind project for SMEs gets £1m Euro-funding

A wind energy project at the University of Central Lancashire has received funding worth £1.1m from the European Regional Development Fund. The initiative is to develop a world-class small wind energy technologies sector within the northwest region. The project also aims to increase the uptake of small wind technologies by small to medium-sized enterprises. A […]