Used electric car sales hit record in 2022

More than 71,000 second-hand EVs changed hands, the SMMT has revealed

‘Car industry to surpass Paris aims by 75%’

If urgent action isn’t taken, its entire carbon budget will be spent by 2035 – a study claims

‘Government says smart could save EV drivers £1,000’

It is looking to make smart charging the norm in 2025

Wyoming to ban EVs

The state has taken the decision to ban the sale of new EVs from 2035 to protect its oil and gas industry

‘China won’t be knocked off its electric perch’

Seven out of 10 EVs will be sold in China this year, research suggests

Energy crisis sees EVs overtake petrol for cost

Public charging has surged above the cost of filling up a petrol car, analysis has found

Is Hybrid the future?

Toyota will start production in the UK for its fifth-generation electric powertrain

‘Searches for EVs rose by 113% in 2022’

This is compared with engagement from 2021

Are supermarkets doing enough to support EV drivers?

The UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure network continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of EV drivers

The West agrees green EV mineral deal

The agreement is to only purchase minerals from nations that meet certain environmental standards