Sicona raises $3.7m to scale battery materials technology globally

It is developing next-generation battery technology used in the anodes, i.e. negative electrodes, of lithium-ion batteries that enables electric mobility and storage of renewable energy

British Army gets EV boost

New electric vehicle charging infrastructure has been installed by UK Power Networks Services at military sites across the south of England

Royal Mail to trial EV tyres for cleaner air!

Royal Mail will work with manufacturer ENSO to reduce pollution created by rubber in the tyres used on electric vehicles

Customer spend on European energy market skyrockets in 2020

Spending on energy-as-a-service type products rose by 53% last year, compared to 46% in 2019, according to new research

Australia’s smart solar reforms to get more clean energy into the grid

Around 80% of customers are expected to see their energy bills fall under the reforms, based on the latest retail and solar feed-in tariffs

Australia introduces new rules to support priority low emission technologies

The government has allocated AUD$192.5m for programmes, including reducing barriers to the use of EVs or vehicles powered by biofuels or clean hydrogen

NHS ‘to spend £100k on electric ambulances to slash carbon footprint’

A collaboration with Ford and Venari Group will reportedly see transit vans being converted into electric ambulances

Biden targets 50% EV car sales by 2030

The President has signed a new executive order to support EV take-up, a move which was welcomed by automakers

Northern Ireland ‘has fallen behind in EV charging infrastructure’

Government data shows the region has the lowest level of charging device provision, with just 17 devices per 100,000 people

US offers $42.3m to decarbonise manufacturing sector

According to the Department of Energy, the industrial sector accounted for 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions in 2019