Durham deemed ‘the greenest city in the UK’

The city, which declared a climate emergency in February 2019, has already reduced emissions by 47% between 2009-2019

Exeter households offered free solar upgrades

Exeter City Council and EDF Energy are offering the renewable upgrades to households currently heated by electricity

Water waste rewards scheme makes a splash in Exeter

A new rewards scheme in Exeter aims to help residents save thousands of litres of water a week. Greenredeem’s project will offer incentives such as personal rewards and charitable donations for sustainable water usage. A group of 3,200 South West Water customers in the Stoke Hill area will be invited to join the pilot scheme – […]

First electric bike scheme rides out

UK’s first city-wide electric bike scheme has been launched in Exeter. The Co-bikes are for self-service hire by the public from on-street docking stations. Riders can hire, ride and drop the e-bikes at any of the five sites available across the city. It is expected that by 2017 the scheme will be extended to eight docks. […]

Waste-to-energy plant officially opened in Exeter

An energy recovery facility that has the capacity to process 60,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste every year has officially been opened in Exeter. The plant produces 3.7MW of electricity, out of which around 3.2MW is exported to the grid – enough to power around 5,000 homes. Councillor John Clatworthy, Deputy Leader of Devon County Council said: […]

EDF adopts "in-your-face approach" on sustainability

A room at EDF Energy’s office in Exeter has been transformed in a bid to spark debate on sustainability among staff and visitors. The room at the Exeter Business Park office has been turned into a permanent interactive sustainability room. Two walls allow people to directly write their comments and ideas on sustainable issues, while […]