Microbusinesses across the UK are at risk of being ‘cut off and ripped off’

Citizens Advice says these firms are not protected in the same way as ordinary consumers and risk being needlessly disconnected, aggressively pursued for debts and mis-sold contracts

Cost of energy ‘has tripled in the last 20 years’

Compare The Market says the average domestic cost of gas has risen by 221% over the period, the price of electricity has risen by 193%

Energy customers ‘face a lottery’ when their energy supplier goes bust

New research from Which? suggests some customers have been hit by overnight price hikes of hundreds of pounds after their supplier went out of business

Renewable revolution ‘is too expensive and will not work’

That’s the verdict from former Grid Control Engineer Derek Birkett

Cost of Hinkley Point C ‘will hit poorest the hardest’

The £18 billion cost of Hinkley Point C will hit the UK’s poorest people the hardest. That’s the conclusion from the group of MPs that make up the Public Account Committee, which has published a new report suggesting households have been locked into a costly and long-lasting deal. The government approved the new nuclear power […]

‘Suppliers should be fined for ripping off customers’

Energy suppliers should be fined for ripping off consumers. That’s according to a new report from the Social Market Foundation (SMF) think tank, which suggests the UK needs to do more to encourage energy suppliers to move customers off their most expensive contracts. It suggests government and regulators should ensure people who don’t switch suppliers […]