XR Founder convicted of £27,5k damage in protest

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Gail Bradbrook has been convicted of causing £27,500 in damage during a 2019 protest at the Department for Transport

More than 1,500 climate protestors arrested in the Netherlands

The Extinction Rebellion members were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies, blocking the A12 motorway in The Hague

I was instructed to cry on television, says former Extinction Rebellion spokesperson

Campaigner and author Zion Lights has called XR a “cult”

Climate activists throw black paint over Michael Gove’s office

The extinction Rebellion protest was against plans for a new coal mine

Barclays climate protestors facing jail time

The seven campaigners were found to have caused £100,000 in criminal damage to the bank in Canary Wharf last year

Activists pour milk over dairy products at Selfridges

One of the activists told ELN that their protest aimed to urge government to put an end to unsustainable practices of dairy farmers

King Charles – the monarch the climate needs?

As Charles takes the throne, will his strong campaigning for climate action remain a key part of his reign?

Activists plug golf holes with cement in climate change protest

French eco-protestors have sealed up holes to highlight the “monopolisation” of water by the golf industry

“This is why I cut Liz Truss off”

An activist who interrupted Liz Truss’ Tory leadership hustings speech tells ELN that it is “important” Truss’ record on climate change is put “under the spotlight”

“Eco activists could undermine the UK’s energy security”

Protests, legal action and publicity stunts may deter offshore investment in the UK waters, the chief of Offshore Energies UK has warned