Resource extraction
Global resource extraction ‘has more than tripled since 1970’

UN Environment says the annual extraction of materials grew from 27 billion tonnes to 92 billion tonnes over the period

Fracking: Government accused of using ‘slippery backdoor manoeuvres’ to end industry

INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe is calling for the seismic threshold for shale gas extraction in the UK to be increased

Researchers make a splash with uranium extraction from seawater

They say the discovery could be competitive with the costs of land-based uranium mining

Fracking ‘won’t risk water supplies with strict regulation’

Shale gas extraction will not put pressure on water resources and environmental risks will be minimised, according to the firm that represents the UK’s water industry. Water UK believes the problems associated with fracking “can be mitigated given proper enforcement of the regulatory framework”. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UK […]

‘Russia needs foreign money for long term oil production’

Russia needs to attract international investment to its oil and gas sector if it is to maintain production in the long run. That’s according to research and consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, which said the country needed to switch its focus away from the low hanging fruit of conventional onshore projects to more difficult and costly […]

Ukraine signs $10bn shale gas deal with Chevron

The Ukrainian Government signed a deal with US energy giant Chevron this week to extract shale gas from the Olesska field in western Ukraine according to reports. Chevron agreed to initially invest $350 million (£218 m) in exploration as part of the production-sharing agreement. Total investment in extraction as well as exploratory drilling is expected to […]

Cuadrilla CEO – Regulators need to bust some shale gas myths

Regulators need to bust some of the myths surrounding shale gas extraction according to the boss of drilling firm Cuadrilla, who gave evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Referring to the demonstrations at Balcombe, Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan (pictured) told the committee yesterday: “I’m sure you’ll be aware most of those protests […]

Shale gas extraction poses 'low risk' to public health

Shale gas extraction poses a low risk to public health according to a new draft report released by Public Health England (PHE). As there isn’t yet any commercial shale gas extraction in Britain the draft report looked at countries such as the US where it is already taking place. The report found most of the […]

Fracking could ‘solve UK’s current energy issues’

Fracking could help the UK solve many of its energy issues and is already “far more regulated” than the US. That’s according to an environmental consultancy, which believes the permitting and licensing proposals in the UK for fracking demand the highest standards for site safety and environmental management and comparing it with the US is […]

US rally to raise awareness of fracking risks

Communities across the US are due to hold rallies next week to “shine light” on problems related to fracking. The event ‘Freedom from Toxic Fracking Waste: National Rally Day’ is expected to raise awareness of serious risks to public health and safety and links to earthquakes, spills, leaks and contamination. Fracking involves a process of […]