Rockhopper presses on with Falklands oil

The UK’s Rockhopper Exploration has made clear it is pressing on with its Falklands oil project ­by announcing a deal to farm out some of the work to Premier Oil. Premier will pay $1billion (£647m) for a 60% stake in Rockhopper’s North Falkland Basin licences and take on a key role as operator at the […]

Argentina threatens UK oil firms with legal action on Falklands

The UK Government has hit back after Argentina’s Foreign Minister threatened British oil exploration firms working in the Falklands with legal action. Yesterday Argentina’s Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman reportedly said “the resources of the South Atlantic are the property of all the Argentines” and claimed oil development in the Falklands was “illegal”. The comments follow […]

Mozambique at heart of East African gas boom

Mozambique is at the heart of a rush for East African gas, according to analysts at the Economist Intelligence Unit. They believe firms are looking in new locations for gas because historically producing areas such as the Middle East are tricky to break into. Peter Kiernan, Energy Analyst claims the “biggest story” is offshore gas […]