Forget washed up whales… monster fatberg hits seaside town

The build up of fat, wet wipes and grease in Sidmouth, Devon, is larger than some models of Boeing 747 airliner

Watch the Xmas leftovers or you could have a festive fatberg of your own

A fifth of households risk blocked drains and sewers by putting fat, oil and grease down the sink

The Muswell Hill Moment: Air pollution’s link to obesity

Watch the video to find out what the public think

Forget fast food – air pollution could be causing childhood obesity

A new study suggests nitrogen dioxide emissions could lead to health issues other than lung problems

Giant ‘fatberg’ cut out of London sewers

Repairs to London drains began this week after a giant ‘fatberg’ as big as a bus was cut out of the London sewer system. Called Britain’s “biggest ever” fatberg by Thames Water, the rancid block of food fat and wet wipes was removed from drains under London Road in Kingston. The disgusting fat had reduced […]

Vegetable and fat to power new Sussex plant

A new £20million power station in East Sussex powered by waste vegetables and fat was approved this week. Renewable energy company Edgeley wants to start building as soon as possible now the local council’s planning committee has passed the plans. The 32MW plant at Shoreham Port will generate roughly 32MW of electricity, enough to meet […]

Waste fat will power UK’s biggest sewage works

Waste fat and oil from restaurants and clogged up drains underground (pictured) will soon power the UK’s largest sewage works. A new power station at Beckton in East London opening in 2015 will be the world’s largest fat-fuelled plant, it was announced this week. The Combined Heat and intelligent Power (CHiP) station will be built […]

Biodiesel with a bite

US scientists have identified a snappy new source for biodiesel: alligator fat. Researchers from the University of Louisiana say the oil extracted from fats in alligators meet all the standards of high-quality biodiesel. Every year, the alligator meat processing industry in the US disposes of about £15 million of alligator fat, generally into landfills. Researcher […]